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Auckland singer-songwriter HOLLY CHRISTINA produces acoustic-pop music, with a melodic blend of pure vocal and rhythmic guitar. Her latest album 7th Heaven, released in September 2017, includes three live recordings from her pre-release concert in the Bishop Selwyn Chapel of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Auckland.  The August 2016 album Sweet 16 features songs inspired by her experiences throughout her then eight years in the music industry. The FIVE and LIVE May 2015 EP features five studio songs and three live recordings from her September 2014 concert at the Tuning Fork, Vector Arena.  Her four previous albums are Break the Mould July 2013, Miss Naive November 2012, interchange November 2009, and her debut offering One Road May 2008.  With a Diploma in Creative Enterprise, Holly Christina also runs a music business GatSong. Working on music opportunities in the US throughout 2011, she chose to continue to release music on her own label Holly Christina Music producing the songs and videos herself.  HCM music videos released include Image (November 2011), Jane Austen (January 2012), The Victory (April 2012), Competition (July 2012), the Sushi Roll Song (December 2012), Fresh Start (August 2013), Toy (September 2013), The Missing V (December 2013), If Only (June 2014), Yoyo (July 2014), War Today (March 2015), Fear (July 2015), Friend Zone (August 2015), End of the Tunnel and Europe (both November 2015), the National Anthem acoustic version of God Defend New Zealand (February 2016), Was It Really Love (March 2016), The Dating Game (May 2016), The Simple Truth (June 2016), Acoustic Electric (May 2017), Jordan River (June 2017), Cinderella (July 2017) and The Lion (October 2018). With a passion for youth, the Break the Mould Schools Tour had its inception in 2010 and has developed into a programme which Holly Christina has been presenting within schools throughout NZ since 2012.  Her experience within the music industry since 2008 includes performances in LA, Nashville, Sydney, Vienna and around NZ - at award events, national/community festivals, ANZAC Day commemorations, schools, charity events, and live studio performances. Song awards for Unite (East and Bays Courier), Wait for the Rain, Hey Malibu (Malibu Times) and The Victory (Auckland Museum) contribute to the quality songwriting and performance package which Holly Christina offers to those who find her music.             
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